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Camping Brioni ex Puntizela - Pula


Due to its historical charm, the modern city of Pula is the most interesting destination for tourists in Istria. The many Antique remains located in the city centre are especially attractive, as is its excellent geographical position, the varied facilities that are adapted to suit each guest, as well as the kilometres of beaches and interesting surroundings. Pula is not a classical tourist centre that only offers you hotels, concrete, beaches and sun. Pula is a place with a long and turbulent past that has kept the symbols and traces of past times on its streets.


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Pula is a city whose rich cultural and entertainment program, especially in the summer months, is easily comparable with what much larger and more ‘developed’ cities offer, and each year this is developing and expanding. The 2000 year old Arena is an ideal setting for concerts, film screenings, performances, and many famous and renowned world artists from a variety of genres have already performed there.



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