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Puntižela location

Puntižela is particulary beautiful location on the south-west Istrian coast in front of the National park Brijuni  islands. Brioni camp-site and youth hostel is situated there.
Brioni camp site is about 7 km far away from the center of Pula, 5 km from Fazana - starting point to the Brijuni islands, and about 13 km from the Airport of Pula.


Distances from

  • Pula bus station 6km
  • railway station 5km
  • airport 13km
  • Pula city centre and green-market 7km
  • marina 6km
  • bank and post office 4km
  • pharmacy 5km
  • medical emergency reception 8km


camping puntizela beach
The meaning of the word Puntizela can be interpreted in two ways, as a cap, small cap, or as a little bridge. Both mentioned possibilities have their sense. Puntižela really represents a bridge connecting two attractive tourist destinations, Pula and archipelago of Brijuni. Because of all mentioned, position and characteristics of Puntižela make it one of the most interesting tourist spots on the Istrian peninsula.

The area where Puntižela belongs has a Mediterranean climate, with warm and sunny summers, mild winters and 2500 sunny hours a year, with the year's average air temperature of 14°C and maximal sea temperature of 26°C. For that reason Puntizela is suitable for holiday and stay during the whole year, with long summer time for camping and sea activities.

Puntizela's scenery is characterized by a rich Istrian-Mediterranean vegetation with pines, olives and Adriatic brush. Here you can breathe different, purer air, unharmed and uncontaminated by industry and classic urban pollution.
Puntizela is not a luxury tourist village. However, because of its unspoiled natural ambient, as well as hospitable relationship of Puntizela's staff, a lot of those who have visited Puntizela, come back regulary.

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